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Other services


We think that an ideal supply chain should avoid warehousing. On the other hand, there are goods, which need special handling that can be provided in dedicated warehouses only. In cooperation with our partners we can offer our customers full services in customs bonded warehouses, storage of temperature sensitive goods, dangerous or high value shipments. If necessary, we can arrange special warehouse loading/unloading equipment. Also we offer warehouses for product distribution with a modern Warehouse management system (WMS).


Every product must be properly marked and no matter how it was packaged or how was transported. Marking – very important process, on which the transportation time and route may depend. We want to reiterate that the appropriate marking of goods is the necessary condition for proper transportation, warehousing, documentation, distribution, cargo insurance and the perfect delivery to the final consumer. Our experience and right qualification make our staff proud of being able to arrange proper cargo labeling and marking service for our customers.


Cargo insurance is the effective measure to additional (limited liability of the carriers) protection of Your goods when they are transporting. Situations, when customer is not able to get compensation from insurance company due to wrongly filled information or wrong documentation are daily issues. Our suggestion is not to trust this issue to some unknown company. When buying the insurance, it is very important to focus on company insurance conception, insurance validity and other terms and conditions which will assure full compensation. We are ready to help you to choose the right option and in case of any incident our specialists are ready to represent you during the whole claims process. When we see the increased risk we recommend to use our partners service of cargo insurance.


If you are planning time, warehouse area and other resources, we offer you load distribution services. Because of distribution loads are not only delivering from air and seaports or terminals to consignee. The principle of distribution – products are delivering at the time and place agreed, using the necessary equipment and ensure all pre-agreed conditions. We are ready to listen to your expectations and offer for You an optimal variant of load distribution. Special for you we create the distribution model and after we applied it in practice we will constantly optimize it and seek to surpass your expectations. So we recommend to entrust this task for team of BFD Group.

Customs brokerage

Since we want to offer our clients the exceptional services, we offer customs brokerage in Lithuania, Germany and Netherlands. Our customs brokers are professionals and have several decades of experience and they could help you on these issues:

  • completing export / import / transit, ATA Carnet / TIR Carnet;
  • customs representation;
  • completing the Intrastat reports;
  • special purpose and strategic goods service;
  • transit cargo;
  • fiscal customs clearance;
  • counselling.

Also our company offers fiscal customs clearance services in the air and seaports of Germany and the Netherlands. The benefit of using fiscal customs clearance is a possibility to pay VAT after realization of imported goods, in case the value of the goods is high and the period between importing and realizing of the goods is quite long, this is the right service for you. An additional advantage of fiscal clearance is shortening transit time of all shipments, which couldn't be loaded into direct flights to Lithuania. After the goods have been unloaded from the vessel or aircraft in Germany or the Netherlands and are waiting for the loading to the truck to Lithuania, our brokers make the customs clearance, so the shipment can be delivered directly to consignee and he does not have to waste any time for the customs clearance in Lithuania.

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